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Still unsure about organ donation?

Rachel's life was the same as any other 7 year old child, until on the 8th January 2012 Rachel was admitted to hospital feeling blotted and unable to eat. Rachel was diagnosed with Heart Failure. As a family we couldn't believe this was happening. Rachel's body was pumped with a variety of drugs to slow this down, but unfortunately Rachel continued to get worse and on the 1st February the decision was made to place her on the heart Transplant list.

Rachel continued to deteriorate and on the 9th February she was placed on a life support machine. Kate sat and watched her sisters life slipping away, worried that they wouldn't be a complete family again. On the 10th February 2012 Kate had kissed her sister good bye for the night and head home with her dad, she had only been home a few minuted when the phone rang, it was her mum saying that a heart had become available for Rachel and she was going to have her life saving heart transplant that night.

heart transplant
Rachel just after her life saving heart transplant.

The emotions that Kate felt where that of great happiness that Rachel was going to live, but that of sadness that a family had to go through the loss of losing a loved one. That a truly wonderful family had said YES to organ donation during their hardest time giving the greatest gift, the gift of life.

Haerts that matter uk
Kate and Rachel Hearts That Matter UK

Rachel underwent a life saving Heart Transplant in February 2012, at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.The Freeman Hospital is one of only two centres that carry out children's heart/lung transplant in the country.

So why did we set up Hearts That Matter UK

We set up Hearts That Matter UK in March 2014 to promote Organ Donation and to show the positive impact Organ donation has on a whole family. To spread the word to as many people so that more families can stay complete like ours. To encourage others to join the Organ Donor register and to make sure they know the importance of sharing their wishes with their loved ones.

O2 Cramlington organ donation

Rachel always Looking at ways to promote Organ donation. With support from O2 Cramlington.

We also want to support as many charities across the country as possible. Charities that offer support, guidance and unforgettable memories for children and their families. We wants to give something back to the charities that have been their for us.

So how do we do this?

We sell on our Facebook page our handmade bracelets and handbag charms with all money going direct to Chuf the charity attached to Ward 23, clinic E and PICU Freeman Hospital. This is done through our just giving page.

We also donate to charities across the country 30-50 bracelets and handbag charms for them to sell at events and promotions with then receive all the money that they make from doing this.

Charities we have supported so far..

Well Child
Freeman Heart And Lung Transplant association
Heart Transplant Families UK
North East Hearts & Goals

What can you do?

Like and Share our page so spreading the word even further. Join the Organ Donor Register. Talk to your loved ones about your wishes. You can also follow Hearts That Matter UK blog.

Organ donation keeps families complete and gives them the chance to make memories. Donors and donor families are true Hero's, and will never be forgotten.

hearts that matter uk

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