Emergency Medical Technician

Our course is designed to provide students with increased knowledge and skills in the assessment and management of medical and trauma emergencies in the pre-hospital environment, using techniques and equipment beyond the scope of first aid.

Emergency Medical Technician
Who would benefit from the course?

It is suitable for personnel with responsibility for managing pre-hospital trauma patient's e.g. independent medical services, rescue teams and ambulance staff, who wish to extend their skills.

It is your legal obligation to work within your employer guidelines and protocols. Medic 1 takes no responsibility for persons exceeding their level of competence or breeching their work place rules of engagement.

Format & duration

Many training providers offer a five day EMT course. Here at Medic 1 we do not believe that this allows the student sufficient time to gain both the theoretical and practical skills. The Medic 1 course is designed in such a way that students can gain knowledge and understanding of how the body systems work prior to attending the classroom sessions. This is referred to as distance learning and usually takes around five weeks, this is then followed by five days of intensive classroom and practical training. During the 5 day classroom based training students will take part in scenarios in and out of the classroom; thus ensuring that the theory learnt can be put into practice.

Syllabus The course is both theoretical and practical and includes:
repiratoryThe Respiratory System
cardiovascularThe Cardiovascular System
digestiveThe Digestive System
nervousThe Nervous System
skeletalThe Musculoskeletal System

As well as continuous assessment, students must pass a multi choice paper and final assessed scenario in order to pass the course.


Following successful completion of the course you will be awarded with a two year Emergency Medical Technician certificate. You will receive an A4 paper card certificate as well as a wallet sized plastic card certificate.


During the course Medic 1 will provide light refreshments. If you are travelling away from home to attend our courses we can book accommodation on your behalf. This would incur additional costs and can be arranged within a range of budgets


Investing in your education is a commitment, in terms of finance and your time. We understand that and will do all we can to ensure the learning experience is a good one and represents good value to you. Please contact us for details on group booking discounts.

CPD & getting practice

Medic 1 offer additional bite sized on line modules that allow you to test and maintain your knowledge. It may be possible to offer successful students the opportunity of paid work with our experienced ambulance staff. If this is something you may be interested in, please ask your tutor at the end of the course.

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