Patient Transport Services

We offer a variety of transfer services ranging from patient transfer services (PTS) to organ retrieval and always ensure we provide the correct clinician for the job required.

Medic 1 have a range of vehicles to accommodate all types of transfers. We have front line ambulances, high dependency vehicles, welfare vehicles and rapid response vehicles. We will always use the vehicle type that is appropriate to the patient's health and comfort needs.

Non-emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS)

We provide non-emergency patient transport services for both private patient and when working with the NHS. Our patient transfer staff are trained to a high standard and will ensure a comfortable and warm journey. We provide the best possible care whilst transporting our patients from hospital to hospital or to a place of care.

Our staff are able to provide additional treatment and patient monitoring during the journey and are trained to administer oxygen and various non-emergency drugs.

Patient Transport Services

Mental health transport

All of our patient transport service staff are trained in mental health awareness. Some of our staff however specialise in this area and have expertise in looking after patients who are experiencing a variety of mental health problems. These staff can assist patients and their families during what can often be a confusing time. By offering reassurance and explanations, anxiety and in some cases difficult behaviours are often reduced.

Organ Retrieval

Organ retrieval and medical team transportation is undertaken. We offer this service 24/7, for immediate assistance please call: 0845 00 44 999 a vehicle will usually be dispatched within 1 hour.

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For more information about any of our patient transport services, please call us on 0845 00 44 999. Lines are open 09:00 - 17:30 daily or you can contact us at

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