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We can appear in your production and provide support
Medic 1 work on across the UK where your film set is. We understand that within this industry there are tight deadlines, that necessitate that both actors and production teams are able to function safely, we can adapt our practices to meet these needs.

Do you need medical cover?

Medic 1 work with production companies, filming live events, such as political debates, reality programmes, demonstrations or major sporting events. Our crews work efficiently to facilitate the patient’s return to their duties if at all possible.

Many film productions and TV productions require film crew medics in ambulances, our set medic crews have enjoyed the challenge of working on set and as extras as they are dynamic and adapt to the situations required. Specialist members of the team are also able to advise on the correct medical procedures, to ensure that your production reflects the actions that would be taken during a medical emergency

Patient confidentiality is paramount and is always maintained by Medic 1 staff, in addition to this we recognise that confidentiality of the project is equally important, and we will not do anything to jeopardise it.

Prior to changes in the advisory guidelines and consultation with the HSE, organisers may have had little or no first aid provision, relying on the NHS Ambulance Service to attend any emergency. It is well documented that the ambulance service is often working at or above capacity and even 999 calls cannot always be answered in a timely manner. For that reason, event safety guides now state that each event should ensure its own medical provision is in place and not rely on the NHS.

Our service

We are able to offer a bespoke service to event organisers, taking away the stress and often time-consuming hard work that is involved in organising medical provision at their event. Our experienced team know just the right questions to ask to ensure an accurate initial risk assessment is undertaken, which will then allow our clinical leads to determine the correct level of resources needed. This risk assessment takes a variety of factors into account, including the venue/location in which the event is being held, previous casualty data, and also the event’s demographic. With our dedicated expert team on hand, we can produce a finalised quote within a very short space of time, and all at no cost to the client.


Should you, as a client wish to proceed with that quote, we can also assist in the planning of your event by attending SAG meetings if required and by completing a finalised medical risk assessment and medical plan, to ensure your event is resourced accurately and is in line with the latest Health & Safety regulations and Purple Guide recommendations. We fully understand that circumstances can change, and so a re-evaluation of the risk assessment may be required at some point. This is no problem at all; we will work with you in making any amendments needed to ensure that medical cover is, once again, suitable to your needs. This may result in the level of resources being altered, which may also cause an alteration to the original cost, however, this will be discussed fully with you and confirmed at the time.


Following on from our team’s shift, we are happy to attend any debrief meetings. We also provide you with a detailed medical report, including a comprehensive (anonymised) breakdown of the number of patients treated, the types of illnesses/injuries sustained throughout the shift, and also any feedback and recommendations from the team who attended.

Our resources

Every member of our highly skilled team are experienced in assessing, treating and monitoring patients on site where appropriate, and also in assessing when a patient requires additional treatment at a hospital. Medic 1 cover a wide variety of events and venues and are fully trained in de-escalation and communicating with intoxicated patients. We have a variety of resources available and, depending on the outcome of your event’s risk assessment, you may be provided with, or request, any of the following:

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