Crewed RRV with Twin Advanced First Aider

Our Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV) will be deployed with two Advanced First Aiders. They will have life-saving equipment such as a defibrillator to treat patients in cardiac arrest and adrenaline for treatment of life-threatening anaphylaxis. They will also have a well-stocked kit.

Introduction to Crewed RRV with Twin Advanced First Aider

Advanced First Aiders are able to recognise, assess and where possible treat critically ill or injured patients or request additional resources if required. For safety reasons we do not have lone Advanced First Aid unit, the minimum First Aid unit is a two-person crew.

The resources that you require will be based on the risk assessment of your event. This will be fully discussed with you.

What skills do they have?

As a Twin Advanced First Aider crew, both members have the skills of an Advanced First Aider.

Patient Assessment
Patient Assessment
Basic Life Support
Basic Life Support
Autoinjectors to treat anaphylaxis
Infection Control
Infection Control

With the addition of the Rapid Response Vehicle, the Advanced First Aiders are able to promptly get to a casualties location and start providing them with life-saving treatment.

How can the unit work for you?

The twin Advanced First Aider Rapid Response Vehicle unit may be the only resource required for your event. This would have been identified and discussed with you, following the event risk assessment. Of course, you can always request additional resources.

For events with multiple risk factors, such as extreme sports, festivals and those covering any distance, this unit may work as part of a larger Multidisciplinary team (MDT).

The benefit of this unit is that they can arrive quickly to casualties, who may require time-sensitive emergency treatment. They can then start lifesaving treatment while requesting additional ambulance resources. The Rapid Response Vehicles are usually a hit with younger event visitors who enjoy a quick look around them, during quieter times!

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