Team Leader

Team leaders ensure that individuals become an excellent team. Inspiring and supporting all to do their best for the people we care for.

Introduction to Team Leader

The role of the Team Leader is one of responsibility and accountability. Team Leaders must have an overview of what is going on at any time. They are required to provide guidance and direction to the team and must be sure the team know what is expected of them and how that may be achieved. For example, they will set out how an event is to run from a medical team perspective. This would follow the risk assessments and expectations of event organisers.

We understand that event organisers, NHS shift managers etc, need to have contact with someone within a team at any time. The Team leader will be the immediate point of contact during a shift. They will facilitate a two-way dialogue between you and the Medic 1 team to ensure that patients receive the best care and that event organisers or shift managers are able to have any concerns or changes to plans dealt with quickly.

What skills do they have?

Individuals wishing to become Team Leaders, need to complete the Medic 1 Team Leader training program. They must demonstrate a number of attributes including excellent communication skills, being a team player as well as a leader, showing empathy, being approachable, confident & knowledgeable and understanding when and how to delegate.

How can the unit work for you?

While Medic 1 teams are at your event, you will have direct contact with a Team Leader/s on each shift. This allows you to be given an overview of all things relating to the health and welfare of your event visitors or crew.

It is, of course, a two-way dialogue. Team Leaders may inform you of issues that are occurring, such as an area of concern within a festival site. They may alert you to issues that require additional resources or attention. For example, a cycling event may have a dangerous bend, causing more than the expected amount of casualties. There may be an issue with certain recreational substances at a music event. This allows all of the various teams working at your event to share knowledge and expertise to quickly resolve any matters of concern.

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